Try These 4 Design Ideas for Your Store’s Carrier Bags

The image that your store has can draw in more customers. Carrier bags are an integral part of any store. The moment you hand out your carrier bag to the customer, you are allowing your store name to be seen on the carrier. Finding a durable carrier bag to put your store logo on is very important.

The first thing you need to consider, before bulk ordering carrier bags for your store, is the material of the bags. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and many customers choose to steer clear of them. If you are looking to set your store’s carrier bags apart look for personalised cotton printed bags.

Before you spend your money getting a bulk order of fabric bags, think of the right design to get printed on the bags.


Make your bag look attractive by having attractive colours on the bag. Neon colours are extremely eye-catching. You can either choose to have the whole bag in neon colours, or you can choose a muted base and neon colour patterns. Logos look clearer on single coloured bags. Bold neon coloured bags go well with logos printed in white or black. If your store has a colourful logo then steer clear of bright coloured bags. Muted colour bags enhance the look of colourful logos. Select a colour that highlights your logo.


Once you have selected a colour you can choose to have patterns. Instead of having a single brightly coloured bag you can have multi coloured geometric patterns. Try to steer clear of animal prints they end up looking highly tacky. Colourful stripes also look good on muted backgrounds. No matter which pattern you choose to stick to only one. Mixing patterns take away the attention of the store logo. Do not go over the top with patterns. Minimalistic patterns enhance the look of the bag and help highlight the store logo.


What image you put on the fabric bag depends on the image you want for your store. There are many artists who would be willing to sell their artwork to your company. You can help promote these artists by putting their artwork along with their signature on your fabric bags. Before you do start printing an artist’s artwork have a contract in place. With such a contract you can take your personalised cotton printed bags to a whole new level. Not only will you be supporting budding artists, your bags will have unique artwork that is sure to be admired by customers. With customised artwork from artists, you do not have to worry about trademark issues of the picture you print on your bag.


Let your bag bring a smile to faces. You can do this by adding jokes to your bags. Along with the artwork, you can add witty one-liners as well. Even if you do not add an artwork you can add motivational quotes. Putting common names of people can also be a selling point of the bags. No matter what quotes or artwork you put leave enough space for your store logo. Near the handle of the bag on both sides you can put the logo. You can even put the logo on one side of the bag and print something fun on the other side.