Hi there. I am Cloe Bernard, 25 years old. I live in the lovely country of Belgium. I have been in the fashion and fitness industry for a few years now. To keep myself on the go, I built a website called FashionPlot.com. wherein I accumulate all of my experiences in fashion and put health and fitness stuff designed for busy women out there.

Ever since I was a kid, I was already exposed to a kind of life wherein the people around me were involved in the fashion industry. At that time, my mom was a boutique store owner and my dad was a fashion photographer for a magazine. Most of the time my dad will bring me to his photo shoot sessions and I would see the models wearing different kinds of outfits. Sometimes, I would sneak in to fashion shows and get into the audience while my dad was taking photos of models on the catwalk. Every time I see a model in her featured outfit, I always imagine myself being the one wearing it and I know someday when I get older I will become a model too.

Fast forward to the future and here I am now, landed to an awesome job as a fashion consultant and a health and fitness coach. I got into the health industry as well because of health issues in the past. I suffered from severe eating disorder when I was in high school and experienced bullying and got sick big time. I underwent therapy for it. And when the treatment was complete, I took a drastic change on my diet and lifestyle that I need to stay healthy and never get back to who I was. Exercise and calorie-based diet was my every routine and fully got used to it.

Then I realised, my growing up years was mostly influenced by two major factors: Fashion and Health. These made me an advocate of the two and I devoted my learning and training to know more of them and get more exposure. And in these times, fashion and health are the two main focuses of women. They always want to look good and feel good. And it is my duty to help women achieve these things.

With my blog, FashionPlot.com, it is easier now for me to expand my territory and help more women all over the world. Since the inception of my website, I have been constantly receiving hundreds of emails and get thousands of unique online visitors each month. This in turn made companies to ask me about advertisement deals in my website. Then I realised that my website can also become my financial source. With this, I leveraged on selling my newly published ebook dedicated to the women of today.

With all these reasons – online ads, ebook, advocacy, helping women –  it even made me to become more active and write more articles on the major topics of fashion and health. As long as women keep on sending me great feedback and inquiries, I know that I am doing a great job. Right now, my drive to continue this advocacy is like a sedan with a Rolls Royce jet engine. And I really believe that this is going to get further.

Right now, fashion and health evolve together with the changing world. With this, the needs of women also changes. I believe I am ready and up with the challenge to always meet the changing needs of women and that I am reliable as a resource person.

For any inquiries about my services, you can drop me a message using the contact form. You can also visit my website and check out my ebook, news and trends in fashion, the most effective ab exercise and many more.