Alternative uses for your eco bags

Plastic bags are going out of fashion and paper bags are coming back. Eco bags are much friendlier for the environment and the wildlife that lives within it, they are also extremely useful. Here are 5 ways you can repurpose your canvas and other eco bags:

  1. Food Shopping

Eco bags can hold a large amount of groceries and are also great for putting fresh fruits and vegetables in to get them home.

  1. Keep small toys together

Keep bedrooms and playrooms tidy by having your cotton or canvas bags hung up and ready to store toys in. This is a great way to segment toys (cars in one, Lego in another, etc) and to teach your children to tidy up.

  1. Store out of season clothes/items

Medium and large sized canvas bags are ideal for storing clothes that you may not necessarily want in your wardrobe all year round. They can be kept in a spare room, airing cupboard or under the bed and clothes can be ready to grab when you need them.

This is great for storing things such as swimming gear or jumpers and you can even have one for items such as buckets and spades and frisbees.

  1. Carrying firewood

Jute and canvas bags are great for carrying in any firewood that you need from your garage or log store. They are strong, easier to carry than an armful of logs, and will stop any dirt from getting all over the house when you bring them in.