Boost Your Health with Tea

Many celebrities brag about how drinking tea has helped them lose weight and get their bodies in shape. However, health experts claim that diets based on consuming only one item – be it food or drink – serve merely as quick fixes. Their effects are noticeable, but in most cases, people go back to their old weight just weeks or months after having completed the diet.

While a tea-based diet might not help you with your weight problems in the long run, drinking tea on a regular basis can be very beneficial to your health. Natural tea is known to have a healing effect on your body, strengthening your immune system and even improving the quality of your skin. For maximum effect, you should incorporate tea into your healthy diet and not use it as a replacement for a meal.

What Makes Tea So Great?

It’s truly mind-boggling to learn how much power there is in something as ordinary and common as tea. According to research, drinking tea every day can help prevent coronary diseases, stabilise your blood pressure, and improve circulation. It also reduces the risk of stroke, improves your concentration, and may even boost your energy levels and mood.

The secret is in antioxidants that you can find plenty of in green and black tea. Our bodies need antioxidants because of their anti-inflammatory properties. They help the body fight free radicals, very dangerous substances that can damage your cells and leave you prone to many diseases. Two cups of immune boosting tea a day can restore your health and make your body stronger than it’s ever been.

Detox Tea or Regular Tea?

There are special sorts of tea available on the market that are advertised as detox teas. They promise to clean your system of all the toxins floating around by focusing on each individual cell. Although many people try to discount this as false advertising, there is some truth to this. Because detox teas are rich in antioxidants, they can help restore your cells and prevent any further damage.

While these detox teas incorporate black or green tea as its basis, they also add a number of other healthy ingredients to improve their effects on health. Dr Smood is one of the brands known for their line of high-quality detox drinks, ranging from organic juices to teas. Their detox teas include healthy ingredients such as ginger, Honeybush, and Sencha, all of which are recognised for their ability to boost the immune system.

How to Drink Tea

The best way to incorporate tea into your daily ritual is to have one cup in the morning and another one before you go to bed. When you’ll have your second cup will depend on whether the tea you choose contains caffeine or not. If it does, then it’s best to drink it in the afternoon, so that the caffeine doesn’t disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Like water, tea is a calorie-free drink, the only difference being that it’s also very tasty. To preserve this quality, it’s best to drink it as it is with no added sugar. However, if you’re used to drinking sweetened tea, consider replacing sugar with a healthier alternative. You can mix in a teaspoon of honey or squeeze some lemon juice to add more flavour to your drink.