Dressing Up to Impress your Date

Dating these days is easier than it’s ever been thanks to the internet. We don’t need to go out as much as we can now talk to people by simply typing on our keyboards or touching our screens. But all this doesn’t change the fact that when we actually meet the person face-to-face, we still need to give a good impression. Using the right clothes and showing that we make the effort can go a long way into making our date feel more comfortable; and it is still the best way for us to look as good as we can. The question is: what should we wear, and how much does it really matter?

Comfortable clothing

Meeting a potential partner can be quite stressful, whether we get together for a serious date or we meet someone for a naughty date. The last thing we want is for our clothes to feel uncomfortable and make us even more stressed out than we already are. The best bet is to wear something that we feel physically at ease with. Staying away from clothes which are too tight is a good idea as it will avoid us fiddling with our clothes all the time during our date. On the opposite side, clothes that are too big for us are probably not the ideal neither. You don’t want to be putting your trousers up all the time because they are falling down. The best clothes to wear are the ones we feel truly comfortable wearing, it makes us look better and makes us feel more relaxed.

The art of the compromise

If you’re going out on a date you want to make sure your partner sees that you are making some effort. It shows that they are important to you. But making a compromise doesn’t mean dressing up in a totally different way than you usually would. You still want to wear clothes that fit your character and personality or else your partner might feel strange about how different you look from your dating profile. Compromising only means making sure your clothes are clean and presentable, so maybe looking for something along the lines of smart-casual will work the best. This is not a job interview so it is best to stay away from the full suit and tie; as it could make your date ill at ease.

Stay in character

This is not like in a movie where some actors stay in character, but rather a worry of staying coherent with everything you’ve been showing about yourself on your dating profile. If you’re the sort of guy who loves wearing rock t-shirts and jeans jackets then maybe you should stick to that, some of us are just not made for shirts. Just make sure you grab your cleanest clothing items so it still shows consideration on your part. Basically you don’t want your profile to show a picture of you wearing hippy clothes, only to show up to your date with a proper military outfit. So whatever your character is, just stay faithful to yourself and wear what you usually wear. Remember the more you are yourself the more likely you are to find a partner that actually matches you!