Should Estate Agents Dress to Impress?

Are you an estate agent? Do you sometimes find yourself in a dilemma of just what your wardrobe should be like? Does how you dress affect your business? I have some great tips for you. Although there have been countless blogs, magazines and books dedicated to dressing for business, there is not much talk about the fashion needs of estate agent professionals.

For starters, the nature of the work of estate agents is such that they are constantly moving thus, you need to be able to dress appropriately whether you are conducting viewings and you simply have a listing appointment.

Generally, fashion experts suggest layering of a variety of clothing options ranging from highly structured suits to comfortable sweaters. These may either be worn or carried in a bag or kept at the office to be worn at a convenient time. Most estate agents admit to having a blazer either in the office or the car so that they wear it whenever need arises.

The blazer tends to make things a little more professional. Fashion enthusiasts advise that women in estate agency also need to consider carrying along a blazer for instant transformation whenever there is need.

The choice of shoes that you wear is also very critical to the business that you are hoping to do. You must be sure to go for the right pick of shoes to complete your look. Most importantly, ensure that you have the right shoes for the right occasion.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when shopping choosing your wardrobe to suit your job:

  • It matters what you wear – The nature of estate agent jobs is such that you can work from anywhere including your home. Consequently, most of the people believe there is no point of dressing up when you do not have any appointment and are working from home.

The truth is that it matters. What you wear has a direct influence on how you feel and to some extent, how you work. Besides, when you dress up for a role, chances are that you will get better at it. That is, when you feel like you are dressed smarter and more professionally then you are likely to act in the same way.

  • Always dress for the client, not yourself – One of the common misconceptions that most estate agents have is that since they are representing a client, then they need to dress with that particular duty in mind. Actually,you need to dress in a manner that defines professionalism, authority and trust.

Remember, house sale transactions involve huge sums worth of investment hence the client will definitely be more confident in you if you are dressed to impress. This will build the client’s confidence that you can safeguard their interests as well as money hence dressing makes a whole lot of difference.

  • Your style is a marketing platform – Your sense of style could mean you are a walking billboard. That is, when you dress appropriately especially if you have a bolder look, you are most definitely going to attract new clients.

Your dressing will in most cases market your trade so that you do not have to do much of the talking. Fashion experts agree that going bold with your dressing will not only get you noticed faster but make you more memorable. Remember, that you need to go for a colour that works for you as it will bring certain energy.

Ultimately, your personal appearance may determine how open house visitors will perceive you as a professional as well as the potential lifestyle your listing is able to provide. At Ready Steady Sell, we understand this too well and have invested in our image. Whether we are simply handling inquiries or viewings, we have never disappointed our clients. For us, what you see is what you get.