How to Grow Your Following as a Fashionista

If you’re just looking to get into the industry now then you might perhaps be a little late to the party, but by no means does it mean it’s impossible to get in now and make it as a fashionista, or a social media influencer with fashion as your specialty. So as much as this post is aimed more at those fashionistas or fashion-inclined digital nomads who already have some sort of growing presence, new fashion bloggers, influencers, etc can perhaps also benefit from the pointers shared in this discussion.

So how do you go about growing your following as a fashionista?

Focus on building an active audience

The number of followers you have won’t pay the bills, but how active those followers are will. So focus on quality versus quantity. It’s not all about the numbers, as much as that’s what it may look like. Platforms such as Facebook these days offer some in-depth insights with regards to engagement and the subsequent value of the actions completed by your audience.

So the value is in your followers’ engagement with your platform, i.e. comments, “likes”, shares, “re-tweets,” etc.

Always deliver real value

Building an active audience is all about delivering real value which your followers can use, so even if you’re merely posting a meme to keep the vibe going, make sure it resonates with the people who follow you. Every now and then you can also do some actual giveaways of some of the stuff you get by way of sponsorships, even if it’s cash and even if at times you have to dig into your own pocket to buy something you can give away.

Engage your followers on more of a personal level

Many digital influencers with a specific focus such as fashion hold the fallacy that they have to explicitly stick to that one topic. Yes it is true that you should in effect drill just one inch wide and many miles deep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of the complementary niches which naturally go with yours.

Consequently, sponsorships can be sought from beyond the fashion industry and in line with this way of thinking you should also engage your followers as such. Make it as personal as possible – not in the sense that you have to spend hours chatting with each of your followers, but rather just something like matching what you get in sponsorships to the unique stories of each of your followers.

If you have access to the profile of a certain lucky follower who may have shared on their social media some news of a great achievement for example, why not say congrats with a gift basket, to be announced publicly on your page and to be delivered shortly afterwards?

Look beyond the fashion industry for new followers

The same approach can be applied to garnering new followers – look beyond the fashion industry. A fellow blogger focussing on a different niche could perhaps be made contact with in the same way as suggested by a gift-basket inspired giveaway. Their followers could become yours and vice versa.