Holiday Hacks

The way you pack can be crucial when you are travelling. Whether you are the quite organised or the space saver type of person, packing can cause a lot of stress and headache for many. Now you can go through the clever travel hacks by Betty Balls, the Lucky Pants Bingo fashion icon. Betty Ball loves travelling! She regularly goes on holidays around the world with Luke Pants, her companion, to discover new places. And she never misses out the occasion to reveal her fantastic trips to the players in bingo rooms such as Lucky Stripes, Red Hearts and Penny Heaven. You will see how simple and easy it can be to pack and unpack your suitcase. In no time, you can become a professional traveller.

Keep Your Collar Intact

The last thing you would want to wear while on holiday is a wrinkled shirt. But Betty has a trick for you. Rest assured, it’s not the ancient shower-trick. Simply use a belt to make your shirt look stiff and neat. You can do this by rolling a belt around the shirt collar, where it will stay as a mold to keep the collar in place.

Packing Your Shoes

Are you worried that your shoes will dirty your clothes? Just use your old shower cap to wrap the bottom of your shoes to keep your clothes stain free in your suitcase. And to occupy as little space as possible, roll your socks and place them inside your shoes. This will also prevent your shoes from getting deformed during your journey.

Garment Bags Hack

The next time you head to the dry cleaning, remember to keep the bags as they can be used for packing. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free by placing them in the plastic bags, as the latter is great to assist in reducing friction. This will ensure that all your clothes remain wrinkle-free during your journey.

No More Leaks

Has it ever happened to you that when you open your suitcase or handbag, you find that your toiletries have dripped all over your clothes? There is nothing worse than having leaks in luggage. A guaranteed trick is to cut cling wrap and place it between the cap and the bottle. This acts as an additional coat of security.

The Hazard of Sharp Razors

Just placing a razor in your baggage can easily cause chaos. Yes, the razor caps are not very effective, as they frequently fall off. This can cause your clothes to be ripped, and you certainly do not want this to happen. Place a binder clip over the razor blade to ensure that your clothes stay protected whenever you are travelling.

Never Lose Sight of Your Luggage

It can be quite a hassle to be standing in front of the airport carousel and waiting for your luggage to appear after a long flight. Plus, the thought that your suitcase might be lost or mistakenly picked by someone else can make it worst. Tie a coloured scarf or bow to your suitcase to spot it easily in case there are similar looking ones on the carousel.