Take Inspiration from the Lego Playbox Bag

One of the great things about shopping bags is that you can customize them to fit around your business. As printing and production methods have become more sophisticated over the years, brands have come up with ever more inventive packaging, and now two students at the School of Visual Arts of New York have upped the ante by putting together something truly special in their own time.

Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi designed the Lego Playbox Bag after being prompted by an advertising competition. ‘The actual inspiration just came to me and my partner at 4am while we were brainstorming,’ said Hyun. The end result is something that instantly catches the eye while also working with the flexibility of the bag and the fun, creative nature of the product.

Their bags use the basic all-red, square-shaped bag already used by Lego all across the world, but the two enterprising young designers went a step further. They hid the fabric handles within the bag itself. When you reach down to grip those handles, your wrists will be obscured by two yellow LEGO hands, essentially making it look like you’re carrying your bag using a distinctive LEGO claw instead of your own hands. Of course, the concept only works if you happen to be wearing a long-sleeved top, but we think this is pretty marvellous nonetheless.

As of right now, the Playbox bag is only a concept introduced by the two students, but we’d be surprised if we didn’t see LEGO adopt the idea across some of its stores. Next time you’re out and about in London, take a look to see if you notice anyone carrying their bags using LEGO hands.

LEGO is one of those companies that is constantly seeking out new and interesting ways to appeal to people, but it’s worth remembering that this great concept was designed by two young guys without any stake in the business. If you’re thinking of ordering some of your own bags, take the time to consider how you could put your own personal stamp on them. If Lee and Chul Choi can do it, there’s no reason you can’t too.