Reasons to Wear Maternity Clothes and Tips to Buy

No one can describe the feeling of motherhood. Even if you bloat and your waistline expands as your pregnancy starts to get visible, a woman feels special. She takes special care in choosing her food to ensure that the little one inside her develops into a healthy baby right from the start. However, she forgets that even she needs to keep her mind and body comfortable as she puts on 25 – 35 pounds on an average across pregnancy. 

In the first trimester, the gain is 2-4 pounds but it increases to one pound a week in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. The weight accumulates in her mid-area due to the baby’s weight and even her other body sections get larger. Wearing the right kind of pregnancy clothes is essential. It is not an extravagance, but a requirement to keep you comfortable. 

Reasons to wear comfy maternity clothes

  • There is a drastic change in your body, so you need to wear proper clothes that keep you comfortable as your body grows.
  • There are severe hormonal changes in the body that can make your skin prone to allergy. To protect your skin from irritation, it is essential to wear clothes of the right material.
  • During the first trimester, she struggles with vomits and nausea. Uncomfortable clothes can contribute to making her feel extra worse. Tight clothes cause indigestion and heartburn that can trigger vomit and nausea. 
  • The pregnancy lasts for a maximum of 9 months, so she encounters different seasons. Pregnant women feel too cold in winter and too hot in summer. So, wearing maternity clothes suitable for the season is good for her.
  • Sleeping posture also changes, especially in the final trimester. Therefore, she needs to choose soft, loose, and comfy nightwear to enjoy a sound sleep. Sufficient sleep is needed for preparing the body for delivery.

Maternity clothes are available at the local malls in their maternity section. You can even choose them online. For occasions like a baby shower or maternity photography, you can rent designer maternity dresses and gowns online from Mama Bump Rentals. You get to choose from several bump-friendly dresses, which will make you look attractive. You can look trendy at a small cost. 

While choosing maternity clothes……..

  • Always choose loose clothes in light fabric and not according to your current body shape, as your waistline will grow.
  • For summer choose cotton as it is breathable. It absorbs sweat and keeps your body cool.  
  • Choose skirts and pants that can be secured with a drawstring. You can adjust it around your waist according to your suitability. 
  • The clothes you choose must offer proper support to the growing stomach.
  • During pregnancy, you may need to urinate frequently, so find skirts or dresses that make your task easy.
  • Elastic clothes are ok but not too tight.
  • Woolen clothes keep your body and the baby inside warm in winter, so look for soft knitted clothes, gloves, and socks. 
  • You need to wash the maternity clothes frequently, so choose accordingly.
  • Avoid synthetic, chiffon, elastin, and georgette material. These fabrics don’t absorb the excessive sweat women struggle with due to extreme hormonal changes. 

Make your pregnancy enjoyable for you and the baby by wearing the right kind of clothes. You will feel relaxed and calm, which is good for the baby!