Relaxation and Pampering in South West London

If you live in London – or anywhere within the catchment zone of the sprawling city – it’s worth making sure you know where you can go to relax and slow down. Today we’re taking a look at and around South West London, to help you target places you can retreat to, to destress when life just gets that little bit too much.

Clinics and Beauticians

If you’re feelings the stresses of life, and those stresses are making themselves visible in the form of wrinkles and dry skin, it’s worth knowing where you can go not just for some up to the minute treatment to help repair the damage, be it a rejuvenating facial or some laser skin resurfacing sessions.

Getting out of the middle of the city can help too – turning your expert pampering into a day devoted to you and your needs is a great way to reset your stress levels. Finding somewhere like the Skinsmiths Skin Clinic Esher can make it feel like you’re having a relaxing day out in the country even though you’re still well within the orbit of the M25!

Spa Life

Distinct from Beauty Clinics and Aestheticians, Spas are more about relaxation than treatment. Relieving tension through massages, steam rooms and plunge pools, treating yourself to a luxurious spa day could be the perfect solution when you need some pampering.

The spa experience can come with a premium price attached and represent the height of luxury – The Spa at the Chelsea Bridge Hotel for example, caters for an exclusive clientele. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, then you can still enjoy many of the same facilities at a lower price by looking at the spa facilities in places like the Wimbledon Leisure Centre.

Getting Outdoors

Another way to put some distance between you and the stresses of life and work in London is to take advantage of some of the plentiful green space that the city features. Over 40% of the city is green and open and to the public, and a lot of those beautiful parks and gardens are on the South of the Thames.

Richmond Park is well connected by bus, rail and tube, and also big enough for you to feel like you’ve left the city behind entirely. Their large flocks of deer really complete the impression that you’ve disappeared into the country even though you’re only a short commute from home! Whether you’re there for a long Sunday walk or a brisk run, getting out into open green space helps you clear your mind and really relax.