Seven Superheroes with Fashion Sense

Superheroes are well-known for their superb ability to fight crime and provide excitement like no other movie character. They each have admirable fashion sense to match those unique personalities that no one can seem to get enough of. Here are some popular superheroes with style to die for.

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. adds a comical but cool style to the Iron Man character Tony Stark. Whether donning sunglasses with a businessman’s suit, casual t-shirts or the ever popular brown and gold suit, he adds laughs while still earning respect. The costume itself is strong and stands out without overly bright colors. TV Store’s costumes has great superhero costumes for practically any superhero lover.


Batman is a somewhat dark but humorous character who exudes a mysterious fashion sense no one can match. He’s an individual (except for Robin and Alfred, of course) and his dark outfit alone should tell criminals to run the other way. As the favorite of many, who wouldn’t want the fearless, reserved attitude of the Batman?


With silver claws extended and a bad attitude, Wolverine is a force to reckon with. His yellow and blue costume suits him well by showing his muscular arms and brute strength. Without a shirt he is simply dangerous. 

Wonder Woman

Her beautiful raven hair and to-die-for figure are only part of what makes her a fashionable hero. What sets her apart is her colorful yet unparalleled costume. The blue, red and gold with stars immediately draw the eyes to this perfectly tailored suit. If there was a runway she’d be the star of the show! 


Clark Kent looks dashingly smart in dark-framed glasses and a suit while he works for the Daily Planet. While not at work he jumps into a phone booth and dons the all famous red and blue costume. His long, red cape blows in the wind even when he’s not moving which is a wonder in itself. Fighting crime must be a good way to distract him from his ego because his sweet and admirable attitude proves he doesn’t have one. 


Star-Lord stands out as one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s funny but still maintains a serious air that’s hard to pull off. His dark red jacket and jeans are somewhat worn but fit his overall attitude of the loner. He’s still friendly and likable though and the Guardians of the Galaxy, can attest to this.

Captain America

Captain America would probably look great in anything. He’s forever in the best shape of his life and fights the bad guys with ease while wielding a colorful shield. His humble attitude is a superior contribution to the form-fitting costume.

Superheroes are honored for their morality, courage and strength. Their style also deserves to be noticed though. Without their larger-than-life costumes, they probably wouldn’t provide the adventurous stories which are an inspiration to many.