Unusual Is the New Black: 6 Wacky Wedding Rings for Millennial Couples

Who says wedding rings need to be platinum and diamond? Much like everything else, millennials are breaking the convention when it comes to buying wedding rings. From alternative metal rings to wooden bands, the engagement ring market is happy to oblige to please their younger customers.

Millennials are not only ditching the traditional engagement ring buying experience by shopping for engagement rings online, but they are also actively looking for rings that are unusual in terms of material and design. There is also growing popularity for minimalist designs. This means solitaires with simple slim metal rings are now favored over blingy rings with halos.

The sudden popularity of unusual wedding rings has forced ring manufacturers to come up with some pretty crazy ideas. The following are 6 weirdly awesome wedding rings for millennials.

Black Ceramic Rings: Ceramic is a material that’s often used to make vases, mugs, and dishes. However, recently ceramic rings have become a thing. This is mainly due to the fact that ceramic holds on to paint really well and can be polished to achieve that smooth look. Among other colors, polished black ceramic rings look particularly well. They are understated and they go really well with casual wear.

Carbon Fiber Rings: Often used to make components for supercars and rockets, carbon fiber is the last material that comes to mind when thinking wedding rings. Yet carbon fiber rings are quite the rage right now thanks to their jet-black look and ultralight weight.

Rings with Wooden Inlays: The play of wood and metal gives these rings a luxurious look that’s usually seen in interiors of expensive cars. Most of these rings have polished wood with exposed grains that somehow look both luxurious and subtle.

Rings Made From Recycled Materials: As years go by, people are growing more conscious about the environment. They are not just more aware but they are also willing to take action to reduce the negative impacts on the ecosystem. Using products made from recycled materials is one of the many conscious choices that help achieve the bigger environmental goal. Wedding rings are no different. There are companies that make rings from reclaimed metal and other recycled materials. Apart from crafting them from recycled metals and scrap metal parts, recycled wedding rings also have unusual inlays, which can be anything from plastic to wood.

Braided or Celtic Ring Designs: Braided or Celtic ring designs are quite popular because of their simplistic styling. The braided bands look so interesting and beautiful in itself that they often don’t come studded with gems. Gems or no gems, this is a style that’s rapidly growing in popularity for both valentine’s day gift and as wedding rings.

Stainless Steel Rings: While the world debates over gold or platinum, some people take a more practical route. Stainless steel wedding rings might not be popular but they are available in online jewellery stores and they are highly affordable. Stainless steel wedding bands usually have CZ diamonds studs, textured inlay, or a combination of both.