Five Ways to Promote Your Training Course Using Video Marketing

With lots of competition out there, businesses are all scrambling for ground-breaking ways to create awareness around their products and services. Some make the mistake of relying only on basic business models in their bid for growth.

But then, having a proper business plan, getting appropriate insurance, and being financially savvy (while essential) may not be enough to ensure business growth. Offering training courses, however, can go a long way to establish you as an expert in your field and draw attention to your brand.

When looking to promote that training course, video marketing should rank among your top options. Why? Because there is something compelling about videos. They are visual and create the illusion of speaking to your audience directly.

With video marketing,

  • You are able to reach more people. This is because you spare your prospects the need to read text, which can be tedious. People find videos more aging than text online. And people are more likely to share, comment on, or like videos posts and ads than text or banners ones.
  • And you get to quickly demonstrate what your training course will be like.
  • You get to subtly display some of your products in the background of your videos for your audience to see.

Here are five ways you can promote your training course using video marketing.

  • Promote to People You Know

This is the first place to start. People you know, in this case, include your friends, relatives, and existing customers. Ask them to share your training course videos with their friends and families both offline and online (especially on social media). You can also send the links to your videos to the subscribers on your mailing list.

  • Market on Social Media

This includes Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. These are platforms on which videos thrive. YouTube, according to Etail Insights, has become the second largest search engine. Therefore, if you haven’t already, create pages for your business on these sites, grow your following, and market your training course videos there.

  • Market on Your Company’s Website and Blog

If you have a company website and blog, then you probably already have a following there. If you don’t, then it’s time to get to work. Uploading your training course videos on your website and blog is a great way to reach both your following there and incoming leads.

  • Leverage Public Relations Strategies

Reach out to bloggers, news sites, YouTubers, reporters, and editors that are connected to your target audience and ask them to post your videos on their platforms (perhaps for tokens) or talk about your training course and then link to your videos. In the case of YouTubers, you can collaborate with them to create and publish videos that do justice to your training course.

  • Consider Keyword Advertising

If you have the resources, then paying for keyword advertising on Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and Google is another powerful way of promoting your training course videos online. And when the ads are properly-targeted, you can even begin seeing results immediately.

The use of videos is constantly changing the marketing world. For instance,Facebook live video streaming allows you to air a part of your training course as it’s going on. If you have a large following on Facebook, this can instantly create a lot of buzz around your course and possible get people signing up or asking about your business.

Don’t waste any more time. Leverage video marketing for promoting your training course.