Why Every Well-Dressed Man Needs a Tie Clip

Tie clips are experiencing something of a resurgence, and it’s about time you learn why no well-dressed gent’s wardrobe is complete without a few. Though you might think of them as relics of a bygone era, the style afforded by a properly chosen tie clip can take an outfit from average to interesting in the blink of an eye.

Here are just a few reasons to pick a couple up.

Impeccable Placement

As much as tie clips serve an aesthetic purpose, they are mainly worn to prevent the tie from swinging around. Originally, this ensured that men could keep their ties on while working with or around heavy machinery, but the benefits go well beyond health and safety. You see, a tie clip doesn’t just secure the front of the tie to the back – their main function is to connect the tie to the shirt. If you take a walk to the theatre on a windy night or have to sprint through rush hour foot traffic some mornings, it isn’t unheard of to arrive at your destination with tie askew, which never strikes a wonderful impression. A tie clip will keep things looking perfect.

Aesthetic Accenting

Tie clips can clearly serve a practical purpose, but don’t underestimate the added dash of character one can bring to your attire. There are several tie clip styles, materials, and finishes from which you can choose, so strategic gentlemen can select the perfect one to complement the rest of their outfit. It’s pretty convenient to be able to change your look with the addition of a clip.

Easy Understanding

It can often be easy to make mistakes when you try incorporating less common accessories, but tie clips are very hard to get wrong. Just make sure you never wear a clip with a bar that’s wider than the tie, and always slip it on between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. If you follow those rules and stay away from anything too ostentatious, you’ll find it hard to go wrong. Tie clips will allow you to stand out from the average without having to sweat and worry about committing a rookie error.