Why pilates is a great training for everyone?

Take yoga, add a fair amount of isometric exercises and a sprinkle of ballet – and guess what you’ll get? Pilates – a type of workout that gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It doesn’t surprise us, because the benefits are priceless: toning of the body, improvement in flexibility, and reduced stress level.

Pilates and its perks

Pilates is a form of training basically for everyone – it strengthens all the muscles (especially the core), improves posture and decreases back pains that are often caused by working in a sedentary position. If you work in an office from 9 to 5, this training will serve as a great relief for your whole body!

Your first training session – how to get ready?

Find a good pilates studio in your neighbourhood – the one with qualified staff, clean interior and a wide choice of classes suitable for every level of advancement. We recommend renowned Bootcamp Pilates studio. When your first session is booked, get ready by assembling a comfortable outfit, take a bottle of mineral water and go to the studio with a positive attitude! Remember – as in every other sport, begin with a quick warm up to wake up your muscles, and finish with a cool down to reduce soreness and avoid injuries. To maximize the results, eat clean before and after your workout. 

A perfect pilates outfit

If you are wondering what you should wear for your first pilates classes, we come to help you! An ideal ladies pilates outfit consists of a couple of elements:

  1. Pilates leggings – We recommend those made from a knit fabric that are comfortable to wear and support your body effectively. Bonus points if the pilates pants have a pocket for your locker key – it’s so convenient!
  2. Pilates top – It usually has a casual fit. Look for loose, long pilates top that gives you the ability to move freely. You can definitely play with colours – whether you prefer your pilates t-shirt to be bold and vibrant or pastel and delicate, surely you’ll find a perfect match.
  3. Pilates sweater – Make sure you have something to cover up always at hand – the pace of the workout is quite slow, so you may feel chilly, especially at the beginning of the session! Pilates long sleeve will keep you warm and cozy.
  4. Sports bra – Light support bra is sufficient, preferably with mesh panels that act as an additional cooling system.
  5. Pilates socks – This is an optional step, but they will take your workout to the next level! They are non-slip, low cut and high grip.