Why Remy Hair is the Best Choice for Extensions

Remy hair has proven to be the most popular choice for gorgeous hair extensions, and it comes highly recommended by hair professionals all around the world.

In this post we are going to take a look at exactly what Remy hair is and why it should be at the top of your list.

But first of all, what is the difference between Remy hair, human hair and fake hair?

Human hair is commonly used for extensions since it’s easy to get hold of. It’s taken from hair brushes and salon floors, which means that the cuticles are going in different directions.

Remy hair is also human hair, but the cuticles will always be running in the same direction thanks to how it is collected. Hair is processed with a technology similar to what is used for cashmere to help preserve the life of the hair.

Fake hair is made using synthetic fibres, with different qualities available. While it is a cheaper option, it tends not to last as long due to being easily damaged.

With Remy hair, you are paying for the best

If you’ve already done a bit of research, then you’ve probably figured out that Remy hair is more expensive than other hair types, but there is good reason for this.

Remy is the highest quality hair that you can find. And, it is also in high demand, which drives the price up. While it may shock your pocket a bit at first, remember that you are investing in something that is going to last much longer than other products will, and also feels and looks much more natural.

Fake hair and human hair extensions are cheaper, are they really that bad?

Well no, they are not exactly bad, but there are many reasons that Remy hair is so sought after for wigs and hair extensions:

  • It usually lasts up to a year
  • It’s very high-quality hair that was collected in a healthy state
  • There is minimal (if any) matting or tangling
  • It has the most natural look

Remy hair also offers versatility

With some types of hair extensions, you are really restricted in what you can do. With Remy hair you can:

  • Shampoo and condition, just like you would your normal hair
  • Use heat tools such as straighteners or curling tongs
  • Dye it in whatever colour you like (but just don’t use bleach)

You can also style it in numerous ways! One wonderful thing about Remy hair is that you don’t need to worry about curls falling out as easily as they would in your own hair. Once you’ve curled Remy hair extensions for a special occasion, you’ll still be looking glam at the end of the night. And you don’t even need to bother using hairspray!

Make Remy Hair Your First Choice for Hair Extensions

Remy hair is definitely an excellent choice when you are looking at options for hair extensions. Even though they might cost a little more than other hair types, you’ll certainly love the way they look in your hair and appreciate how long they last.